Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) vs. cancer

The mushroom Ganoderma lucidum (G. lucidum) has been used for centuries in Asian countries to treat various diseases and to promote health and longevity. Clinical studies have shown beneficial effects of G. lucidum as an alternative adjuvant therapy in cancer patients without obvious toxicity. G. lucidum polysaccharides (GLP) is the main bioactive component in the water soluble extracts of this mushroom. Evidence from in vitro and in vivo studies has demonstrated that GLP possesses potential anticancer activity through immunomodulatory, anti-proliferative, pro-apoptotic, anti-metastatic and anti-angiogenic effects. Here, we briefly summarize these anticancer effects of GLP and the underlying mechanisms.


Consumption of reishi mushroom has been reported to prevent colon carcinogenesis in rodents, although the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. To investigate this effect, rats were fed a high-fat diet supplemented with 5% water extract from either the reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lingzhi) (WGL) or the auto-digested reishi G. lingzhi (AWGL) for three weeks. Both extracts markedly reduced fecal secondary bile acids, such as lithocholic acid and deoxycholic acid (colon carcinogens). These extracts reduced the numbers of Clostridium coccoides and Clostridium leptum (secondary bile acids-producing bacteria) in a per g of cecal digesta. Fecal mucins and cecal propionate were significantly elevated by both extracts, and fecal IgA was significantly elevated by WGL, but not by AWGL. These results suggest that the reishi extracts have an impact on colon luminal health by modulating secondary bile acids, microflora, mucins, and propionate that related to colon cancer.


The medical mushroom Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi), a traditional Chinese medicine, has exhibited a promising anti-cancer effect. However, the molecular mechanism of its action on cancer cells remains unclear. Aberrant activation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway is the cause of many types of cancer, including breast cancer. Here we investigated the effect of Reishi on Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway and elucidated the molecular mechanism of its function in inhibiting breast cancer cells. We found that Reishi blocked Wnt/β-catenin signaling through inhibiting the phosphorylation of Wnt co-receptor LRP6. In human (MDA-MB-231) and mouse (4T1) breast cancer cell lines, Reishi significantly decreased the phosphorylation of LRP6 and suppressed Wnt3a-activated Wnt target gene Axin2 expression. Administration of Reishi inhibited Wnt-induced hyper-proliferation of breast cancer cells and MDA-MB-231 cell migration. Our results provide evidence that Reishi suppresses breast cancer cell growth and migration through inhibiting Wnt/β-catenin signaling, indicating that Reishi may be a potential natural inhibitor for breast cancer.


The present study investigated the anticancer effects and potential mechanisms of BSGLWE on colorectal cancer in vivo and in vitro. Our results showed that BSGLWE significantly inhibited colorectal cancer HCT116 cell viability in a time- and dose-dependent manner. Flow cytometry analysis indicated that BSGLWE disrupted cell cycle progression at G2/M phase via downregulation of cyclin B1 and cyclin A2, and upregulation of P21 at mRNA levels. Moreover, BSGLWE induced apoptosis by decreasing Bcl-2 and survivin at mRNA levels, and reduced Bcl-2, PARP, pro-caspase-3 and pro-caspase-9 at protein levels. Furthermore, BSGLWE suppressed tumor growth in vivo by regulating the expression of genes and proteins associated with cell cycle and apoptosis, which was further confirmed by a reduction of Ki67, PCNA, and Bcl-2 expression as determined by immunohistochemistry staining. NSAID activated gene-1 (NAG-1), a pro-apoptotic gene, was significantly upregulated in vivo and in vitro upon BSGLWE treatment at both mRNA and protein levels. In addition, the relative amounts of secreted NAG-1 in cell culture medium or serum of nude mice were all upregulated upon BSGLWE treatments, suggesting a role of NAG-1 in BSGLWE-induced anticolorectal cancer activity. This is the first study to show that BSGLWE inhibits colorectal cancer carcinogenesis through regulating genes responsible for cell proliferation, cell cycle and apoptosis cascades. These findings indicate that BSGLWE possesses chemopreventive potential in colorectal cancer which may serve as a promising anticancer agent for clinical applications.


The aim of this study is to investigate the anti-inflammatory, anticancer and anti-metastatic activities of Ganoderma lucidum extracts in melanoma and triple-negative breast cancer cells. Ganoderma lucidum extracts were prepared by using common organic solvents; MDA-MB 231 and B16-F10 cell lines were adopted as cellular models for triple-negative breast cancer and melanoma and characterized for cell viability, wound-healing assay and measurement of cytokines secreted by cancer cells under pro-inflammatory conditions (incubation with lipopolysaccharide, LPS) and pretreatment with Ganoderma lucidum extract at different concentrations. Our study demonstrates, for the first time, how Ganoderma lucidum extracts can significantly inhibit the release of IL-8, IL-6, MMP-2 and MMP-9 in cancer cells under pro-inflammatory condition. Interestingly, Ganoderma lucidum extracts significantly also decrease the viability of both cancer cells in a time- and concentration-dependent manner, with abilities to reduce cell migration over time, which is correlated with a lower release of matrix metalloproteases. Taken together, these results indicate the possible use of Ganoderma lucidum extract for the therapeutic management of melanoma and human triple-negative breast cancer.


G. lucidum polysaccharides – mainly β-glucans and heteroglycans – have numerous biological properties such as antitumour and immunomodulatory activities. This report shows, by gene expression analyses and bioenergetic assays, immunomodulatory properties and capacity to improve glucose metabolism of a water-soluble heteroglycan extracted from mycelium of an Italian isolate of G. lucidum. The findings suggest the use of the heteroglycan as probiotic or ingredient in functional foods, being easy to produce and disperse in a food matrix thanks to its water-solubility. Heteroglycan could exert protective effects in pro-inflammatory conditions and benefits for people characterised by suppressed immune response.

Reliable charity in Thailand – NGO – volunteer

Reliable and trustworthy charities in Thailand.

The SET Foundation

More than 7,000 students have already benefited from our Scholarship Program. Many were supported for 12 years, through high school and to Bachelor degree level. Thousands more have benefited from our Student Welfare Program, receiving cash grants to pay for uniform, shoes, books, tools, bus fares, lunch or dormitory accommodation.

The Dulabhatorn Foundation

The Dulabhatorn Foundation (pronounced “dtoo-la-pa-torn” – มูลนิธิ ดุลภาทร – in Thai) was founded in 2007 by Brian and Marianne Doberstyn in memory of their parents Edward and Delphine Doberstyn and is a non-profit charity registered with the Royal Thai Government.

Baan Unrak

Baan Unrak, translated from Thai as “House of Joy”, is a children’s home and community development project in Sangkhlaburi,Thailand. Their biggest project is children’s home, which provides a loving home, food, medical care and education to over 130 children from Thailand, Burma including the neighboring Mon and Karen States. In addition to the home, Baan Unrak founded an accredited primary school in 2004 in order to provide formal education for our children.

China: Teaching English Online For Chinese Companies

Teaching English Online for Chinese companies.

If you are a Native English Speaker, you can easily earn around 20 dollars per hour.

ALO7 – 15-22$ per hour

Wonderkids English – 15-20$ per hour

MagicEars – 18-26$ per hour

DaDaABC – ~20$ per hour

VIPKID – 14-22$ per hour

NiceTalk – 10$ per hour

Hugo English – 14-20$ per hour

Top Netflix TV shows and movies

Top Netflix TV shows and movies

If you like cartoons, you can watch:

– Rick and Morty
– BoJack Horseman

If you like horror movies, you can watch:

– Slasher, season 1 (season 2 is really bad)
– The Conjuring
– Hannibal
– The Amityville Horror

If you like science-fiction movies, you can watch:

– Spectral
– The Expanse (all seasons)

If you like mystery movies, you can watch:

– Stranger Things (all seasons)
– Dark

If you like crime/gangster movies, you can watch:

– Narcos (all seasons)
– Ray Donovan (all seasons)
– Mindhunter (criminology + serial killers)
– The Punisher
– Ozark

If you like western movies, you can watch:

– Godless

If you like movies based on true facts/documentary movies, you can watch:

– First They Killed My Father (about genocide in Cambodia)
– Among the Believers (documentary about the roots of religious extremism in Pakistan)
– Sufi Soul (about islam and sufi music)
– Hot Girls Wanted (about adult industry)
– Cuba and the Cameraman (about Cuba and Fidel Castro)

If you like travel movies, you can watch:

– Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father
– An Idiot Abroad

How to date Thai girls? Badoo – Tinder – Date in Asia

How to date Thai girls? Badoo / Tinder / Date in Asia

If you want to date with normal Thai girls, then you can try Badoo, Tinder or Date in Asia.


+ it’s very popular among Thai girls
+ you can use GPS (geolocation) to find girls in your area
+ you can “like” many girls in `1 day
+ you can get many matches
+ additional options (like Super Powers) are cheap

– 80% women don’t speak English (besides “Hello”, “How are you?”, “Where are you from?” and Google Translate)
– there are many women with minimal salary (cashiers, shopping mall workers, factory workers), who look for “support” and “take care”
– it’s harder to communicate because of the language barrier

– it’s more efficient to use GPS, check girls in your area and message them THAN just clicking like, like, like…


+ 80% women speak English
+ many women have Bachelor’s degree or better education
+ many women have good jobs
+ it’s easier to get a normal conversation (besides “Hi”, “Hello”, “How are you?”)
+ it’s easier to find a high quality woman who look for a serious relationship

– you can “like” only a few girls in 1 day
– paid options are expensive
– there are many ladybodys

Date in Asia:

+ it’s good if you like to write for a long time
+ it’s the best “free” dating site

– you will get lots of messages from Philippines
– there are lots of poor, not educated, women from Philippines with high social skills. They are hunting for naive foreigners
– there are high chances that you will be asked for sending the money via Western Union


In my opinion Tinder is the best dating app if you want to meet high quality Asian women. Badoo is good if you can speak Thai (or if you enjoy very simple conversations), and  Date in Asia is OK if you have lots of patience.


Remember to use condoms!

Remember to vaccine yourself against HPV virus.

You can vaccine yourself at Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic.

Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic website:

PL: HPV – profilaktyka i postępowanie w przypadku zakażenia wirusem brodawczaka ludzkiego

HPV – profilaktyka i postępowanie w przypadku zakażenia wirusem brodawczaka ludzkiego

Kilka informacji podstawowych

– HPV jest jednym z najpopularniejszych wirusów przenoszonych drogą płciową
– większość ludzi nie zdaje sobie sprawy, że posiada wirusa HPV
– istnieje ogromna ilość odmian HPV i nie ma szybkich i tanich testów na HPV
– HPV niskiego ryzyka wywołuje “genital warts” czyli brodawki/narośla na narządach płciowych
– HPV wysokiego ryzyka wywołuje raka (w narządach płciowych, gardle etc.)
– HPV można zarazić się nawet kiedy używasz prezerwatyw
– HPV można zarazić się w trakcie seksu oralnego (mineta, blowjob)
– w większości przypadków HPV nie daje żadnych objawów, więc ludzie nie wiedzą, że go mają (w tym czasie mogą zarażać inne osoby)
– nie ma leku na HPV – leczyć można tylko jego objawy
– istnieją szczepionki na HPV – na przykład Gardasil i Gardasil 9
– system immunologiczny zazwyczaj radzi sobie z HPV w czasie max. 2 lat.
– jeśli system immunologiczny jest silny, to HPV chowa się w komórkach i siedzi cicho
– jeśli system immunologiczny jest słaby, to HPV atakuje z ogromną siłą
– HPV odpowiada za 25%-35% przypadków raka gardła
– HPV odpowiada za ogromną ilość przypadków raka kobiecych narządów płciowych


Na chwile obecną najsensowniejszą formą obrony przed HPV jest zaszczepienie się. Najskuteczniejsze szczepionki to Gardasil (chroni przed 4 najpopularniejszymi szczepami) i Gardasil 9 (chroni przed 9 najpopularniejszymi szczepami). Szczepionka jest skuteczna już po 2 injekcjach, chociaż formalnie powinno się zrobić 3. Niestety koszt szczepienia jest drogi (250-300zł za jedno szczepienie).

Do tego warto stosować prezerwatywy (chociaż nie ochronią całych narządów płciowych) i warto pamiętać, że HPV można dostać w przypadku seksu oralnego. W ten sposób Michael Douglas nabawił się raka gardła.

Leczenie objawów

* Po pierwsze idź do lekarza i poproś o przeprowadzanie testu krwi pod kątem cukrzycy. Istnieje korelacja między siła/nawrotami kłykcin HPV a cukrzycą. Jeśli masz cukrzycę to zacznij się leczyć lub/i przejdź na dietę niskowęglowodanową *

Tak jak wspominałem – nie ma leku na HPV. I niestety wielkie korpo raczej mają gdzieś szukanie go. Na chwile obecną skupiają się na szczepionkach przeciwko HPV i produkowaniu drogich kremów na kłykciny na narządach płciowych.

W przypadku raka wywołanego przez HPV leczenie jest typowe dla… leczenia raka.

W przypadku genital warts możliwości jest kilka. Z jednej strony mamy środki stosowane przez lekarzy w szpitalach/klinikach medycznych:
– elektrokauteryzacja, czyli wypalanie za pomocą ładunków elektrycznych
– wymrażanie za pomocą liquid nitrogen
– wypalanie laserem
– wypalenie za pomocą kwasu

Z drugiej strony mamy środki których można używać w warunkach domowych:
– Imiquimod, immunomodulator, drogi krem który wysyła sygnał do systemu immunologicznego, że w danym miejscu coś jest nie tak
– Veregen, bardzo drogi krem na bazie zielonej herbaty, który skutecznie (ale powoli) wytruwa narośla z HPV
– Podhopyllotoxin (w Polsce znany pod nazwą generyczną Condyline), toksyna która wytruwa wirusa HPV z narośli
– jest jeszcze kwas salicylowy 20% ale jego skuteczność jest minimalna, ok. 28%

Jeśli interesuje Was skuteczność poszczególnych metod, to polecam to podsumowanie:

Ale uwaga – wszystkie w/w metody mają jedną główną wadę: atakują tylko “efekty” działania wirusa, natomiast ten wirus który siedzi w skórze (a którego nie widać w danym momencie), ma się dobrze. Nawroty w przypadku w/w metod wachają się między 20% a 40%.

Czy istnieje jakaś skuteczniejsza metoda wybijania wirusa HPV?

Tak. Istnieje. Nazywa się “Photodynamic Therapy” i ma ogromną skuteczność oraz niski % nawrotów. Jak to działa? Ano narządy płciowe smaruje się kwasem 5-aminolevulinic i pozostawia na 3 godziny. W tym czasie w/w kwas wnika w skórę i – w dużym skrócie – zdrowe komórki szybko się go pozbywają, a w chorych komórkach pozostaje na dłużej. Tak więc po wspomnianych 3 godzinach przystawia się czerwony laser na 10-20 minut, i w tym momencie dochodzi do reakcji fotochemicznej która zabija wirusa i komórki z wirusem.

Hurra powiecie? Prawie. Problem polega na tym, że ALA-PDT (taka jest skrótowa nazwa tej terapii) stosuje się np. na twarz i ACNE. Więc większość lekarzy/klinik/szpitali nie ma ochoty ani wiedzy, żeby zastosować ALA-PDT na genital warts. Większość badań klinicznych n/t ALA-PDT vs. genital warts pochodzi z Chin, bo chyba tylko tam mają wystarczająco duże jaja, żeby sprawdzać wszystkie metody lecznicze.

Badania kliniczne na temat ALA-PDT vs. genital warts:

Polecam tego PDF’a na temat terapii fotodynamicznej, punkt 6.6:

Wzmocnienie systemu immunologicznego

Mając HPV warto pamiętać o wzmacnianiu systemu immunologicznego. Jednym ze sposobów jest przyjmowanie 3-6 gram dziennie (rano, na pusty żołądek) ekstraktu z grzyba Coriolus versicolor (znanego też jako Trametes versicolor). Jest to jeden z grzybów lecznicznych który jest stosowany przez np. osoby po chemioterapii, a który skutecznie wzmacnia układ odporności i przyśpiesza walkę układu immunologicznego z wirusem HPV.

Coriolus versicolor a liczba Natural Killer cells:;year=2016;volume=9;issue=5;spage=360;epage=361;aulast=Chaiyasit
Coriolus versicolor i reishi a oralny HPV
Coriolus versicolor a wirus HPV

Także grzyb Reishi skutecznie zwalcza wirusa HPV, chociaż wg. źródeł internetowych w formie “ekstraktu” nie powinno się go przyjmować dłużej niż 1 miesiąc. Natomiast w przypadku “kapsułek” – nie ma żadnych ograniczeń.

Niestety suplementy diety z grzybami medycznymi są bardzo drogie (jeśli weźmiemy zalecaną dawkę 3-6g dziennie) dlatego najlepiej kupić 1kg wybranego ekstraktu wprost od producenta, np. z Chin. Ze swojej strony polecam firmę Nate Bio-tech,, której ofertę znajdziecie również na portalu Alibaba.


Jeśli nie masz HPV to polecam zaszczepienie się tak szybko jak to tylko możliwe. Natomiast jeśli masz już HPV, to również polecam zaszczepienie się, wzmacnianie organizmu za pomocą ekstraktu z Coriolus versicolor, a w przypadku genital warts: stosowanie Podophyllotoxin, wymrażanie za pomocą liquid nitrogen lub – jeśli to możliwe – skorzystanie z terapii ALA-PDT.

I pamiętajcie, że HPV można zarazić się także w trakcie seksu oralnego.

HPV treatment – HPV cure research 2018

Prologue: How to deal with HPV?

A) Don’t PANIC!
B) Learn about HPV from reliable sources, for example:
C) Don’t waste your money on food supplements without any clinical trials (like Echinacea, Astralagus, Zinc…)

There is no cure for HPV but you can still fight with the virus.

How to get rid of HPV faster?

1) Quit smoking
2) Quit drinking
3) Check glucose level in your blood – there is a correlation between HPV strength/recurrence of genital warts (if you have HPV6/11) and diabetes.
4) Eat healthy food, eat lots of vegetables
5) Lower your sugar/carbohydrates intake. Cancer and HPV love sugar.
6) Exercise 2-3 times per week
7) Start taking medicinal mushrooms (at least 1):
– Coriolus versicolor boost immune system
– Reishi fights directly with HPV* and cancer cells*
– Chaga has strong anti-viral activity

IMPORTANT: buy only alcohol/water reishi extracts because they have active ingredients. Avoid powdered reishi – it’s not better than placebo.

– Lentinan (from shiitake mushrooms) lowers genital warts recurrence

* – In this study, we investigated the effects of the aqueous extracts of Lingzhi or Reishi medicinal mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum, obtained from three localities (China; and Morelos and Michoacan, Mexico) on cervical cells transformed by human papillomavirus (HeLa and SiHa) and C-33A cancer cells. The cells were plated in DMEM medium supplemented, and were incubated in the presence of different concentrations of G. lucidum for 24 h. Cell proliferation was determined by MTT colorimetric assay and viability by trypan blue assay. Inhibitory dose was determined (IC50) of the three different extracts of G. lucidum in the culture cell lines mentioned above. The apoptosis process was confirmed by nuclear DNA fragmentation and the cell cycle was determined by flow cytometry. The results showed that aqueous extracts G. lucidum obtained from three localities produced inhibition in the proliferation of VPH transformed cells; they also induced apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in HeLa, SiHa, and C-33A cancer cells. Therefore, it was found that aqueous extracts G. lucidum obtained from three different locations produced inhibitory effect on cancer cells and may have a potential therapeutic use for the prevention and treatment of this disease.

8) Vaccine yourself against HPV – it will not help your current infection, but it can protect you against other HPV strains. The best vaccine is called “Gardasil” and “Gardasil 9”.

How to get rid of genital warts?

You can try:
– Podophyllotoxin (it’s very effective, very fast, but you can get skin infection)
– Imiquimod/Aldara (it’s an immunomodulator, you will wait longer to see the effects; Imiquimod is much less effective in case of men)
– Veregen (it’s a green tea extract, it’s effective but very expensive; you will wait very long to see the effects)
– Panavir (antiviral medicine made in Russia; it’s available i.e. as a gel)

You can ask your doctor for:
– electrocauterization (it’s painful)
– laser treatment
– cryotherapy (the fastest and the cheapest option)
– photodynamic therapy (the best option but it’s hard to get photodynamic therapy against genital warts; many dermatologists don’t know that photodynamic therapy can be used against genital warts)

In general the best options for HPV are:
– check your glucose level and avoid junk food/sugar
– take medicinal mushrooms – Coriolus versicolor 3g/daily in the morning, Reishi (Lingzhi) 1-2g/daily in the evening.,266d4152107fca7a,3512deba5cc9e72b.html
– take Ellagic acid and Annona Muricata extract (check details below)

In general the best options for HPV genital warts are as above, and additionally:
– use Podophyllotoxin for small warts
– use Cryotherapy for big warts
– try to get Photodynamic Therapy
– try Panavir, it’s very effective in combined therapy, when i.e. Cryotherapy removes the warts, and Panavir lowers the chances of recurrences


2018 UPDATE:

Hyperthermia vs. HPV and genital warts

In the current report, the investigators demonstrate that APOBEC3A and APOBEC3G expression levels are increased in genital warts (condyloma acuminata) compared with normal tissues, in which APOBEC3G is barely detectable (Yang et al., 2017). On heat treatment to 42 °C and 45 °C, there is a significant increase in APOBEC3A and APOBEC3G mRNA transcripts in condyloma acuminate, up to 10-fold. Again, this effect is not observed in normal skin.

Although hyperthermia is not as widely used as cryotherapy in treating warts, including genital warts, it is interesting to note that hyperthermia seems to have an advantage as it is not destructive, but, rather, appears to stimulate antiviral and immunological pathways that are reminiscent of the use of imiquimod. This study provides an elegant explanation for the observed clinical effects of hyperthermia on warts. What is unclear is whether APOBEC3A and APOBEC3G expression contribute not only to editing HPV and limiting its replication, but also whether these mutations increase immune responses against the virus. Hyperthermia, in contrast to cryotherapy, would be an elegant way to expose the virus in a meaningful way to immune reactivity and even prevent recurrences, an effect similar to that of imiquimod when used to treat genital warts.

Ellagic acid and Annona Muricata vs. HPV and L-SIL

Ellagic acid (EA) and Annona Muricata (AM) have antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and antiviral activity demonstrated by in vitro models. This pilot study investigated the in vivo potential anti-viral activity in women affected by Low squamous intraepithelial lesion (L-SIL) related to high risk human papilloma virus (HR-HPV), and the ability to modify the oncoproteins expression in the cervical lesion thickness. Sixty women affected by HR-HPV related L-SIL, were randomly divided into two groups: group A (n = 30) supplemented with EA (16 mg) + AM (100 mg) 2 times daily for 6 months and group B (n = 30) administered with placebo. HR-HPV clearance was obtained in 74% of cases in group A compared to 25% of cases in group B (p = 0.001) and p21 expression in LSIL thickness increased in 63.2% of cases in group A compared to 20% in group B (p = 0.03). AE/AM supplementation significantly induces HR-HPV elimination and stimulates p21 expression in LSIL thickness.

2018 UPDATE 2:

Check clinical trials about Panavir, antiviral medicine made in Russia:


Lentinan from shiitake mushrooms vs. HPV

Objective: To observe the immunomodulatory and therapeutic effect of lentinan in treating condyloma acuminatum (CA).Methods: Thirty-six CA patients were randomly divided into two groups, 19 in the treated group treated with lentinan and CO2 laser irradiation, and 17 in the control group, treated with laser irradiation alone. Their T lymphocyte subsets of peripheral blood and level of serum interleukin-2 (IL-2) and soluble interleukin-2 receptor (SIL-2R) were determined before and after treatment, and the recurrence rates of the two groups were compared.Results: After treatment, in the treated group, the CD4/CD8 ratio, serum IL-2 raised and serum SIL-2R lowered significantly (P < 0.05, 0.05, 0.05 respectively) as compared with before treatment, while those parameters were not changed significantly in the control group. The recurrence rate of the treated group was lower than that of the control group.P < 0.05.Conclusion: Lentinan could modulate the cellular immunofunction of CA patients and reduce the recurrence rate of CA cases.

Comparison of Recurrence Rate of Two Groups after Treatment:

Ten among 36 cases showed recurrence, the recurrence rate was 27.78%; among them, 2 of the treated group were recurrent, the recurrence rate was 10.53%; while that of the control group [the recurrence rate] was 47.06% (8/17 cases). The difference of the recurrence rate of two groups was significiant.

Check the whole clinical trial: Immunomodulatory and therapeutic effect of lentinan in treating condyloma acuminatum

The best hospital in Bangkok – King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital

King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital is one of the best and the cheapest hospitals in Bangkok and Thailand. It’s operated by Thai Red Cross Society, and serves as the teaching hospital for the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University.

Chulalongkorn Hospital has such clinics as:
– dentistry,
– forensic medicine,
– internal medicine,
– orthopedics,
– pediatrics,
– preventive medicine,
– psychiatry,
– obstetrics and gynecology,
– ophthalmology,
– otolaryngology,
– radiology,
– dermatology,
– surgery.

King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital is located next to Silom MRT station / Sala Daeng BTS station / Lumpini park. You can’t miss it.

King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital is much cheaper than private hospitals, however for the 1st time you should come in the morning and bring your passport. Remember to take queue number as soon as possible. Nurses at Chulalongkorn Hospital usually speak English, so don’t worry and ask them for guidance.


If it’s your 1st time at Chulalongkorn Hospital, then ask for appointment to the general doctor. Queue should be short and general doctor will give you advice and appointments to other doctors.


Morning clinics are cheaper than evening clinics, however in the morning you will have to wait a few hours in queues. So if you don’t want to spend too much time in queues – ask for the appointment in the evening.


Always ask for the appointment for the next visit OR appointment to another doctor. This small piece of paper can save you lots of time.