The Open House – Netflix horror and a total waste of time

+ this movie builds some mystery for 1 hour
– just to show that there is no mystery at all
– there are random characters, random events and random killings
– there is no logic in the whole movie
– it’s one of the crappiest Netflix Originals

It’s like “Hey, we have some ideas for 60-70 minutes, but we have no idea how to end it… Hmm… okay… Let’s kill everyone!”

6/10 for the 1st part
0/10 for the ending

Star Trek Discovery – Netflix Original – minireview

I never liked Star Trek and I thought that Star Trek Discovery will be yet another family TV show. But I was wrong.

+ Everything looks professional (including special effects)
+ Likeable main heroes
+ Interesting story
+ Klingons are back!
+ It doesn’t look like low-budget TV show
– They could show more different alien races

If you like Star Trek or The Expanse, you will like Star Trek Discovery too.


Top Netflix TV shows and movies

Top Netflix TV shows and movies

If you like cartoons, you can watch:

– Rick and Morty
– BoJack Horseman

If you like horror movies, you can watch:

– Slasher, season 1 (season 2 is really bad)
– The Conjuring
– Hannibal
– The Amityville Horror

If you like science-fiction movies, you can watch:

– Spectral
– The Expanse (all seasons)

If you like mystery movies, you can watch:

– Stranger Things (all seasons)
– Dark

If you like crime/gangster movies, you can watch:

– Narcos (all seasons)
– Ray Donovan (all seasons)
– Mindhunter (criminology + serial killers)
– The Punisher
– Ozark

If you like western movies, you can watch:

– Godless

If you like movies based on true facts/documentary movies, you can watch:

– First They Killed My Father (about genocide in Cambodia)
– Among the Believers (documentary about the roots of religious extremism in Pakistan)
– Sufi Soul (about islam and sufi music)
– Hot Girls Wanted (about adult industry)
– Cuba and the Cameraman (about Cuba and Fidel Castro)

If you like travel movies, you can watch:

– Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father
– An Idiot Abroad