Top Netflix TV shows and movies

Top Netflix TV shows and movies

If you like cartoons, you can watch:

– Rick and Morty
– BoJack Horseman

If you like horror movies, you can watch:

– Slasher, season 1 (season 2 is really bad)
– The Conjuring
– Hannibal
– The Amityville Horror

If you like science-fiction movies, you can watch:

– Spectral
– The Expanse (all seasons)

If you like mystery movies, you can watch:

– Stranger Things (all seasons)
– Dark

If you like crime/gangster movies, you can watch:

– Narcos (all seasons)
– Ray Donovan (all seasons)
– Mindhunter (criminology + serial killers)
– The Punisher
– Ozark

If you like western movies, you can watch:

– Godless

If you like movies based on true facts/documentary movies, you can watch:

– First They Killed My Father (about genocide in Cambodia)
– Among the Believers (documentary about the roots of religious extremism in Pakistan)
– Sufi Soul (about islam and sufi music)
– Hot Girls Wanted (about adult industry)
– Cuba and the Cameraman (about Cuba and Fidel Castro)

If you like travel movies, you can watch:

– Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father
– An Idiot Abroad