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Reliable and trustworthy charities in Thailand.

The SET Foundation

More than 7,000 students have already benefited from our Scholarship Program. Many were supported for 12 years, through high school and to Bachelor degree level. Thousands more have benefited from our Student Welfare Program, receiving cash grants to pay for uniform, shoes, books, tools, bus fares, lunch or dormitory accommodation.

The Dulabhatorn Foundation

The Dulabhatorn Foundation (pronounced “dtoo-la-pa-torn” – มูลนิธิ ดุลภาทร – in Thai) was founded in 2007 by Brian and Marianne Doberstyn in memory of their parents Edward and Delphine Doberstyn and is a non-profit charity registered with the Royal Thai Government.

Baan Unrak

Baan Unrak, translated from Thai as “House of Joy”, is a children’s home and community development project in Sangkhlaburi,Thailand. Their biggest project is children’s home, which provides a loving home, food, medical care and education to over 130 children from Thailand, Burma including the neighboring Mon and Karen States. In addition to the home, Baan Unrak founded an accredited primary school in 2004 in order to provide formal education for our children.