Don’t use Apple Cider Vinegar on GENITAL WARTS!

There is no clinical evidence that Apple Cider Vinegar works on genital warts!

There are very high chances that you will get CHEMICAL BURNS on your genitals!

If you really don’t have money to visit a doctor and get i.e. Cryotherapy, then try PODOPHYLLOTOXIN.

Podophyllotoxin is very effective, usually 1 session (3 days, morning/evening) is enough to remove genital warts.

And if you have very big warts, then Cryotherapy will be the best option.

And remember: all methods have HIGH RECURRENCE RATES. However your body will clear HPV virus sooner or later.

If you want to speed-up the clearance time and lower the recurrences of genital warts, then you can try:
– take Ellagic acid and Annona Muricata extract (capsules, orally)
– combine Cryotherapy or Podophyllotoxin with Panavir, russian antiviral gel
– boost your immune system with medicinal mushrooms such as Coriolus Versicolor and Reishi.

In general you can get Ellagic Acid + Annona Muricata extract + Podophyllotoxin + Panavir for little money.

Summing up: DON’T USE ACV ON GENITAL WARTS! There are better, not expensive options.

Further lecture:

Genital Warts caused by HPV – treatment, recurrence, research 2018

What should you know about genital warts caused by HPV?

Anogenital warts typically develop approximately 2–3 months after HPV infection (almost all caused by types 6 or 11); however, not all persons infected with HPV types 6 and 11 develop genital warts. Anogenital warts should be assessed by a clinician and can be treated, although many warts (20–30%) regress spontaneously. Recurrence of anogenital warts within 3 months is common (approximately 30%), whether clearance occurs spontaneously or following treatment.

Read the whole manual about HPV and genital warts:

What is the most effective treatment against genital warts?

The most effective treatment (with the lowest recurrences) is called Photodynamic Therapy. Unfortunately this treatment is not available in the Western world. I mean: it is possible to get Photodynamic Therapy against i.e. ACNE on face, but it’s not possible to get it against genital warts. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it is a some kind of conspiracy? Anyway the fact is one: HPV virus hides in the skin, and it is possible to eradicate it during a few ALA-PDT treatments.

There were many clinical trials about Photodynamic therapy, but usually in China. You can check this PDF file:

What is the biggest problem with genital warts?

The biggest problem with genital warts is that they can come back, especially in the first months after their show up. All available methods (Cryotherapy, Podophyllotoxin, Aldara, Veregen…) have high recurrence rates.

What can you do to lower genital warts recurrence rate?

You can take medicinal mushrooms to boost your immune system (for example:  Coriolus versicolor and Reishi had 88% clearance rate after 2 months, during one clinical trial).

You can try food supplements like Ellagic Acid and Annona Muricata extract.  In one clinical trial EA+AM gave 74% HPV clearance rate after 6 months.

You can try use Panavir gel topically. Panavir is an antiviral medicine created in Russia. It works antiviral and immunostimulating. There are many russian clinical trials about its effectiveness.

You can try hypethermia (44-45 celsius degree) on your genitals, but it might be hard to get this treatment in any clinic.

If you have strong recurrences – you should check your glucose level in blood. If you have diabetes, then you should know that there is correlation between the strength of HPV/number of recurrences and diabetes.

So what can you do?

Option A:

You can go to China and try to get Photodynamic Therapy (ALA-PDT) against genital warts. That’s the most expensive option.

Option B:

You can try Cryotherapy or Podophyllotoxin, and be mentally prepared for recurrences.

Option C:

You can try Cryotherapy or Podophyllotoxin, and 1 immune-booster (i.e. medicinal mushrooms, Ellagic acid + Annona Muricata extract)

Option D:

You can try Cryotherapy or Podophyllotoxin, 1 immune-booster and – topically – Panavir gel.


What about ALDARA?

If you are a man, then it’s a total waste of time.
If you are a woman, then you can try it (it has 60% effectiveness in females).

What about ACV, Thuja, homeopathic medicines?

Forget about it. It’s your health. Don’t waste your time on methods without any clinical trials. You can check Google Scholar and search for clinical trials.

Panavir from Russia – alternative treatment for HPV and genital warts

Panavir – biologically active substance of Panavir is ”GG17” – plant polysaccharide, relating tohexose glycoside class. It main dosage form – intravenous solution 0,004% in 5 ml ampoules (single therapeutic dose). Additional dosage form: rectal suppositories, vaginal suppositories, gel for outward application. Preparation has original pharmacologic property, non-toxic in therapeutic dose (LD50 ~ 3000 therapeutic dose). It is successfully used where ordinary antiviral preparations are not effective or contraindicative or have unsatisfactorily effect: chronic tick-borne encephalitis, ophthalmoherpes, herpes zoster (shingles), cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, Human papilloma virus. Now Panavir tests for treatment chronic hepatitis B and C.

Biologically active substance of Panavir is ”GG17” – plant polysaccharide from Solanum tuberosum. GG17 is a high-molecular hexose glycoside with complex structure: Glucose (38,5%), Galactose (14,5%), Rhamnose (9%), Mannose (2,5%), Xylose (1,5%), Uronic acid (3,5%).

Preparation was developed by the company National Research Company jointly with Research Institute of Physicochemical Medicine, Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, under the direction of the academician of RAMS Sergienko V.I.


This research is devoted to determination of the clinical efficacy of Panavir in the combined therapy of the uterine cervix diseases associated with human papillomavirus (HPV). The article presents data of the complex examination of 59 patients. Patients with diagnosed 16th, 18th, 31st, 33rd types of HPV underwent destructive methods of treatment of the cervix followed by Panavir. The efficacy of Panavir was estimated by PCR in 3, 6 and 12 months from the beginning of treatment and it was 84,7%. Antiviral therapy permits to prevent recurrence of papillomavirus infection of the cervix uteri.


All the patients were given Panavir rectal suppositories in a daily dose of 200 mg for 10 days. Radio waves were used to destroy anogenital warts in Group 1 patients. The patients were examined using laboratory monitoring immediately and 30, 60, and 90 days after therapy. Results. Following 3 months of Panavir therapy in combination with radio wave mass destruction, human papillomavirus DNA was not detected in 80% of the patients; remission was recorded in 90%. After 3 months of Panavir use, 85% of the patients with latent infection were found to cease human papillomavirus DNA excretion. Conclusion. The high clinical efficacy of Panavir suppositories permits one to recommend the agent in this formulation for wide practical application.



The article presents the results of treatment of 51 men with recurrent genital HPV infection in the form of genital warts. Patients were divided into two groups depending on the treatment. Group 1 of patients has received the combination treatment–electrocoagulation + pharmacotherapy (panavir intravenously and topically in the form of a gel), Group 2 of patients–only electrocoagulation. According to the results of follow-up within 6 months, disease recurrence rate was significantly higher in Group 2–39.5% versus 9.6% in the Group 1. Postoperative complications were also more frequently recorded in the Group 2. These findings suggest that the combined treatment of reccurent forms of genital warts is preferred than just using destructive methods of treatment.


The efficiency of combined therapy in patients with HPV-associated chronic endocervitis was investigated. The antiviral preparation modulating immune response (panavir) was used. The results showed that panavir increases the efficiency of therapy and eliminates the HPV in 96,6% of patients.



The results of combination therapy were comparatively analyzed in 60 patients with human papillomavirus (HPV)-associated cervical neoplasias. Thirty patients in the study group were given the antiviral and immunomodulatory drug – intravenous and intravaginal panavir before destructive treatment. Thirty patients in the control group had traditional destructive treatment. It has been ascertained that the use of systemic and local combination antiviral therapy before destructive treatments enhances the efficiency of the therapy performed, promotes a reduction in process relapsing, and leads to HPV elimination in 85% of cases.


I found informations about Panavir when I was searching for clinical trials about HPV and genital warts. I have learned that Panavir is very effective in combined therapy. It lowers recurrences of genital warts and increase the speed of HPV clearance.

I think that the best approach is combined therapy: Cryotherapy (or Podophyllotoxin) to remove genital warts, and Panavir gel to avoid recurrences.


The Open House – Netflix horror and a total waste of time

+ this movie builds some mystery for 1 hour
– just to show that there is no mystery at all
– there are random characters, random events and random killings
– there is no logic in the whole movie
– it’s one of the crappiest Netflix Originals

It’s like “Hey, we have some ideas for 60-70 minutes, but we have no idea how to end it… Hmm… okay… Let’s kill everyone!”

6/10 for the 1st part
0/10 for the ending

Star Trek Discovery – Netflix Original – minireview

I never liked Star Trek and I thought that Star Trek Discovery will be yet another family TV show. But I was wrong.

+ Everything looks professional (including special effects)
+ Likeable main heroes
+ Interesting story
+ Klingons are back!
+ It doesn’t look like low-budget TV show
– They could show more different alien races

If you like Star Trek or The Expanse, you will like Star Trek Discovery too.


Assassin’s Creed Origins – Game of the Year?

I am not a big fan of Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed (I played only Assassin’s Creed Black Flag) but I decided to play AC:O.

Many reviewers wrote that it’s one of the best action RPG games, but are they right?

Let’s see:
+ open world in ancient Egypt
+ absolutely beautiful graphics; it’s one of the most beautiful games ever made
+ absolutely beautiful water
+ interesting main story
+ lots of good side quests
+ gameplay similar to The Witcher 3
+ lots of weapons
+ crafting
+ hunting
+ hours of gameplay
+ you can finish game without any micro-transactions
– ??? I have no idea
– the open world is so big? 🙂

If you liked The Witcher 3, you will love Assassin’s Creed Origins too.